With multi-play mode, you can challenge nearby friends to a game of I’ll Pass! You can invite up to three additional friends– I’ll Pass! will be happy to fill in some virtual players if you only have one or two friends available.

No special purchase is needed to joining in a multi-play game hosted by one of your friends.  If you’d like to host your own multi-player games, the Multi-Play mode may be obtained via an inexpensive in-app purchase on the Settings pane within I’ll Pass. This is a one time purchase and will unlock this option for you forever!

Tips on using Multi-Play:

  • Multi-play works with players that are in close proximity to you (e.g. in the same room or otherwise nearby).
  • Multi-play works best when everyone is on the same Wi-Fi network.  However, if this is not possible, it will attempt to use bluetooth and ad-hoc Wi-Fi to maintain a connection
  • You should not switch to other apps while in the middle of a multi-play game or you may forfeit the game.