About Tim

Tim took a programming class for kids the summer after his 6th grade year, on an Apple II, and fell in love.  He’s been hooked ever since, with a particular love for the Apple platform.  Today Tim specializes in Objective-C and C++ development on iOS and Macintosh.

1Whether it be designing a product from the ground up, or digging into a legacy system and re-architecting it, Tim has a passion for great software.  Tim’s work has been winning awards since 7th grade when he took 1st place in his first computer problem-solving competition as a solo entry against older teams of 3 and 4, up until today with awards from the Minnesota High Tech Association, TI:ME, and others. In 2015, after many years of writing software for other market-leading companies (which he still does), Tim decided to start producing some of his own products, which led to the creation of Tim Fischer Software.

Outside of programming, Tim has many other interests, including playing the trumpet and occasionally keyboards, bicycling, woodworking, DIY/home improvement projects, and others. Tim lives in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area with his wife Cathy and two sons.

For more information please visit Tim’s LinkedIn profile here:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/timothysfischer