How to Play I’ll Pass!

Th object of the game is to take as few points as possible. You will start the game with 11 PASS ruleschip@2xchips. When the card comes up, you decide… should you take the card, or declare “I’ll Pass!”?

If you decide to pass, you play one of your PASS chips (by clicking on the chip), and the next player has the same choice… take the card, or say “I’ll Pass!”? But if he takes the card, he also gets the chip that you played.

If you take the card (by tapping it), it will go into your pile, and you get the chips that go with it.



Single cards count as their face value.

If you have an unbroken sequence of cards, you only need to count the lowest card in your score.

The cards are numbered from 3-35… BUT 9 random cards are omitted from play before each game. So a particular card may not show up!

This hand would score 46 (5+12+29)

Also at the end of the game, every PASS chip left in your hand counts as -1.  So in addition to being good for saying “I’ll Pass!”, they’re good for your score.


If you run out of PASS chips you’ll be forced to take high cards. You don’t know how many PASS chips your opponents have… So grab a card when it’s cheap when you can get more PASS chips.rulescards@2x

Some cards are cheap for you, but expensive for your opponents. For example if you have the 30 card, and the 31 comes up, this card is ‘free’ to you (it forms a sequence), but others won’t want the points. Don’t take it yet, say “I’ll Pass!”, and they’ll likely pass too, and it will come back to you with even more PASS chips! But don’t get too greedy… you never know if they might run out of PASS chips… or just take it to spite you!