I’ll Pass! v1.1: Pop up rules, post and tweet your scores!

I’ll Pass! v1.1 hit the Apple App Store yesterday afternoon.  Along with some minor bug fixes, it adds the following new capabilities:

  • Pop-up Rules:  Now it’s easier than ever to learn the game, and you don’t even have to spend the time to read the rules (although they’re still there if you want to). Just start playing a solo-play game, and “Pop-up Rules” will guide you.  Once you see each pop-up, they will stay out of your way in future games unless you reset them under Settings (e.g. if a new player wants to learn, or you want to review).
  • Post and tweet your scores:  Now you can post or tweet your game results!  If your device is set up with a Facebook and/or Twiter account, just click the appropriate icon on the final results screen, and you’ll be given a chance to show the world how you’re doing at I’ll Pass!